Thursday, April 2, 2015


Ivan Jimenez

Have you ever wanted to go places..? Have you ever traveled to the country of Nigeria..? Lemme tell you about Nigeria,  Nigeria is an exciting place to go to and to see! Nigeria has great food!

First Sight of the great places to visit in nigeria is The Abuja National mosque. The Abuja National Mosque was built in 1984 in the Capitol of Nigeria (Abuja) this is a church for nigeria filled with a lot of rooms it even has a library probably bigger than our school Library!

There are a lot of things to do in Nigeria! Such as to go to national parks or a Zoo in Nigeria,
Such as Cross river National Park. In this park you can go on a tour looking at all kinds of animals such as Lions,Giraffes,Hippos etc. it does not matter where you go you will always have fun in Nigeria at the sights or places to see.

For 1 small country in the continent of Africa, Nigeria is the 2nd Largest country in Africa!

On another subject The Culture and their Food, Their food is mostly traditional or mostly just meat. Yams or meat, Meat is Love, Meat is life. They use Yams a lot in foods such as plates with meat yams and some stuff on top of the yams and meat..

Lets just go to nigeria.