Friday, February 20, 2015

College Essay

Ivan Jimenez
February 18, 2015
Why I want to go to college.

Stepping into the hard part of your life is hard work, and thats what it will take to Succeed after high school. I am inspired by the basketball players i see in the NBA. I know that most all of them went to college, played ball and got most degrees in something.

I want to go to College, play ball, and eventually go to the NBA. While in college i hope to lean a profession and meet people who can help me. I want to meet people who can help me get better so i can do what i want, for the rest of my life.

I think college will help me reach my goals. I believe that people that people from the NBA have been successful in the classroom and on the hardwood. If i am successful on my schoolwork I may go to college.

I really wanna play in the NBA, it has been my dream fro a long time, it is my promise.
I wanna be in the NBA to show i can do more than just shoot hoops.

Being in the NBA was a promise to myself and that promise will be fulfilled when i go to college.

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