Friday, December 12, 2014


As i Hear People shouting nebraska!
I hear the sound of people shouting cornhuskers!
I smell the popcorn, meat and more
I hear the crowd roar when they get to the other side
This is Nebraska Football

Ode Poem

Some of The Kids Here don't treat kids like they wanted to be treated
As i Hear people talking about others
I see no trust.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rhyme Poem

When i get on the court
i cannot ask for more
then to be with the ball 
I love It most than all
I Just want it all
Than to just Shoot the Ball

Found Poem

Our way of Life,Today our fellow citizens deadly military and friends,Filled us with disbelief ,They have tried frighten, But they have failed ,We defend our country!

5 Senses Poem

The Cold hits you like a truck
You can smell Cocoa in the air
it looks like the milk of earth
It sounds like playbills ringing
It taste like a christmas feast!

Name Poem

it means strong kind hearted.
it is the number 2
It is like Warm
It is like everyone watching
Is the memory of my mom
Who taught me Honest and generous
When she asked me who broke the TV

My name is Ivan and it means to always be Honest and generous


Be the best
Act hard
Spend you’re money
Kick some boot
Excess skill
The Hardest Player
Ball Hard
Act cool
Lots of fun
Loot some People