Friday, October 31, 2014

Ivan Jimenez
Period 2

Little Timmy Little Not much of you Know little Timmy. Little Timmy is the Ghost that Haunts OHS.Let Me tell you why little Timmy haunts OHS,Little Timmy Haunts OHS. Little Timmy haunts OHS because a long time ago his brother Had gone Missing on School Grounds.Ever since he has  gone Missing Little Timmy has looked for him Even After his Death.And to this day Little Timmy Is looking for his Brother.People has have heard that Little Timmy Looks Like Hes wearing Jordans with a ralph socks and a Los angeles Clippers Jersey.

Little Timmy now Bullies the kid Because Whoever he thinks took his brother,He Beats them up and nowadays Timmy Beats up anybody.Little Timmy said to leave his “Ghost Cap” One day and people said he had Brown Hair.One Day during 6th Period I was walking to the Dark Bathroom,I heard a Kid crying in one of the the stalls,I looked in all of the stalls…Noone There!But there was still a Faint Cry in the bathroom and i looked Behind me…There was a little Boy in the Corner.I asked if he needed help but he never Looked up Until i reached out my hand..His Face Was Grey skin Full Black eyes and Sharp Teeth,In reality Noone was there but in my imagination he was there Ready to Bite Me! As i lay there Traumatized about what he had done to me,I never went back to the school Again.I haven't been there in a while Since but i still hear about little Timmy Knocking down books crying and looking for his brother

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

Ivan Jimenez
October 15, 2014
English 7 Period 2

Hogwarts halloween feast!

As I walked into the Great hall of Hogwarts I smelled The Fried Chicken, A good plate of them.When I saw the Table i saw that there were Gravy’s of all kinds, Including Fried chicken Flavored Gravy! As i shed tears of joy i ate and i ate and i Drank some Kool-Aid.As i was eating Fried Chicken was raining from the ceilings! I extended My arms out to get a supply for when mommy potter cooked bad pizza.all of a sudden the lights turned off!Out of Nowhere Beyonce and a stage came and 2 Mics were there.A light was shining on me,I picked up the mic and began to sing As good as IceJJfish. As we sang all the single Ladies there were flashing Lights. This Was an Extraordinary Feeling and day! After drinking so much  kool aid,I got a tinkling feeling! I Have caught so caught up in the day i forgot about hermione.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Personal Brand video

1. I Learned that IMovie is really hard to work with.
2.I Learned That IMovie is cool :/
3.I learned how to put music into iMovie.