Friday, September 12, 2014

                     My Unforgettable Day At School

It was a dark thundery night at the start of the 6th Grade. As i walked into the Room  I Met a Teacher, A Very Mean One,A Teacher i wont forget that Humiliated Me.From 3 Days into the school Week i had not liked her Very Much,And she did not like me very much.
      Due to the fact we did not like each other we never cooperated good for help so i got help from other teachers. Sometimes i regret disrespecting a teacher but i did talk back to her because she had some reason i got into for Pointlessly.And the humiliation she gave me was out of the ordinary, When everybody came back and i was working on math,She yelled out that i better get this done because i am failing 6th grade.
       That “Fact” Got me bullied called names, everything. Finally she had to leave since she was pregnant So the rest of my year had gone way better.So then I had my bully issue get solved but Then at the very end of the year she had come back…Luckily my sister doesn't have her Because my sister and i get some grades mostly alike.And to describe my day she had just rained upon me and just ruined my year for me at school.
     No-one really thought of it being Mean, until she yelled out how my grades were.