Friday, August 29, 2014


     Here Is My Room…I walk into a room of awesomeness. I have Jordan release dates in my magazine filled with release dates of the shoes from 2010 to 2015 it is filled with new ones. I have a Ps4 console with a bunch of new games I have gotten from E3while watching Play station 4 get presented for the first time In Ever. In My closet I have a box full of tom ford shirts it’s a clothing line…. So to describe how it looks like I should add I have a Bunk Bed and I have wallpapers all over my room like Jordan Nike and sometimes video games.
      I Count my dog as a part of my room because he’s always coming into my room to like play with me or just lay down and take a nap with me sometimes we even just talk to each other for no reason. And as the last part I have a TV on my drawer. It’s a 25-inch TV that I use to record video or stuff. Usually I make videos on new upcoming games such as Minecraft for ps4 and Xbox One or Call of Duty Advanced Warfare right now. I am rich beyond measure